Linden Town Clerk position to be advertised as Local Govt. Commission rescinds its unilateral appointment

Linden Town Clerk position to be advertised as Local Govt. Commission rescinds its unilateral appointment

Following widespread condemnation from Mayor of Linden, Sharma Solomon, and Councilors of the Linden municipality over the unilateral appointment of Government Political activist Lennox Gasper as Town Clerk, the Local Government Commission has now rescinded the appointment and has asked that the position be advertised.

In a statement today, the Mayor of Linden, Sharma Solomon said the earlier decision of the Local Government Commission, undermines the work of the Council

“We firmly believe that this decision undermines the authority and autonomy of the Council in matters pertaining to the appointment of key administrative positions within our municipality. It is important to emphasize that the Local Government Commission should respect and adhere to the democratic processes and procedures outlined for the appointment of senior staff for the Council such as Town Clerks,” the Statement issued from the Linden City Council said.

He said the Council acknowledges the contributions made by Mr. Gasper during his short tenure with the municipality.

While the position of Town Clerk is being advertised, the Local Government Commission has indicated that Mr. Gasper, who has been removed from the substantive position, will act as the Town Clerk.

Linden Mayor Sharma Solomon and Activist Lennox Gasper embracing VP Bharrat Jagdeo

But Mayor Solomon asserted that any decision related to any appointment to the designation of Acting Town Clerk should be made through a collaborative and consultative process involving the Council.

The Council is also proposing that the file containing previous applications be revisited to select a suitable candidate to fill the position of Town Clerk and that the process be transparent.

In the meantime, the Council also wants the most senior officer currently at the council to act in the position.

“The unilateral shifting of designation is worrying and is cause for concern. The Local Government Commission’s handling of this matter is a blatant indication that the Commission is not concerned with the rule of law, it is prepared to disrespect and disregard the Constitution and take decisions which are politically aligned with the dictates of the PPPC Government,” the Linden Municipality said.

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