Local music manager busted with cocaine strapped to thighs

Local music manager busted with cocaine strapped to thighs

Just two weeks after a Guyanese singer was busted after he arrived in New York to uplift a cocaine shipment that he had reportedly sent with a US Citizen, another Guyanese man linked to the music industry has found himself behind bars after being busted at the JFK Airport with cocaine.

Guyanese music manager Homer Bowen was busted at the JFK Airport in New York on Sunday, March 15 after he arrived there with just over five pounds of cocaine strapped to the inside of his thighs.

Bowen who is believed to be in his late 30’s or early 40’s arrived in New York on a Dynamic Airways flight and was about to clear customs when he was pulled aside and questioned and the packets of cocaine were found strapped to his thighs.

He made his first court appearance on Monday and was remanded to prison. ┬áHe made his last post on his Facebook page on the same day that he traveled from Guyana. In that post which was made at 2:53 am on March 15, 2015, he wrote “I am doing something real big for me and my kids pray that God bless me to make it happened thank u God u are a true champion”

Minutes before that Facebook post, Bowen also wrote on Facebook at around 2:48 am that “God thank u for life and all and every u have done for me love u forever”.

Bowen worked for a number of years with the Mischievous Guys Band and also served as a manager for a number of Guyanese artistes. Investigators believe that his drug bust may be linked to the other bust which involved the local singer Mark Ferdinand and a previous bust which involved another associate of Homer.

Local investigators are probing both cases.


Filed: 17th March, 2015


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