Mabaruma children fall ill after ingesting cocaine laced sweets

Mabaruma children fall ill after ingesting cocaine laced sweets

Three young children were rushed to the hospital in Mabaruma, Region 1, after they became ill over the weekend just after ingesting “gold finger” sweets that they had bought from a small shop in the community.

Upon investigation, it was found that the sweets were laced with cocaine. Reports out of the Mabaruma community indicate that after the Police were called in and decided to inspect the sweets the children were eating, the white powdery substance was discovered at the centre of the sweets and was determined to be cocaine. Officials from the Schools Welfare Department have also traveled to the community to be a part of the probe.

A senior Law Enforcement Official on Tuesday confirmed the discovery to News Source and the incident involving the young children.

Additional checks were made at the shop where the children bought the candy and several packs of the sweets were seized after the same substance was found in them.

The shop owners were reportedly questioned about where they bought the candy from and the investigation is expected to follow the trail based on the information provided. The hospitalized children are being closely monitored.

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