Man caught trying to smuggle singing birds through airport

Man caught trying to smuggle singing birds through airport

An outgoing passenger was arrested at the Cheddi Jagan Airport on Friday night after he was busted trying to smuggle a number of whistling finches out of the country.

News Source understands that the man had the singing finches known in Guyana as “Towa Towa” stashed in several hair curlers. He had already made it pass security and was able to beat the scanner system at the airport when he was nabbed.

According to sources at the Cheddi Jagan Airport, the man was already on the tarmac about to board the Caribbean Airlines flight when he stopped to assist another passenger, and two of the bird stuffed hair curlers fell to the ground exposing his smuggling operation.

He was taken into custody and charged.

Last year, another Guyanese man was busted on arrival at the JFK Airport in New York with several small whistling birds stashed in hair curlers. While he was making his way through JFK’s immigration and customs system, the birds were heard whistling and he was arrested and charged. He later appeared in a New York court and was sentenced to six months in jail.

The birds carry a hefty price tag in the New York area and smugglers would make as much as US$5000 for each whistling bird. In Queens,  New York, there would be high stakes singing competition involving the caged birds.


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