Man stabbed to death during fight outside Kitty party

Man stabbed to death during fight outside Kitty party

Police investigators are probing the stabbing death of a 23-year-old man at. Sandy Babb Street party late on Saturday night.

The dead youth has been identified as Kawal Dindon.   A 21-year-old suspect has since been arrested for the murder.

A police report of the incident stated that the now-deceased man and two of his friends were at a Birthday party when an argument started between him and the suspect.

During the argument, the suspect was reportedly pushed to the ground and later chased down the street.

The police stated that at one stage, the now-deceased man, Kwal Dindon and his friends caught up with the suspect and started to beat him.

The suspect retaliated by pulling a knife from his waist and stabbing Dindon to the upper right side of his body, causing him to collapse as he attempted to run.

The injured man was picked up and rushed to the Georgetown Hospital where he died while undergoing emergency surgery.

The 21-year-old suspect along with the friends of the deceased who attacked him have all been arrested as the matter is being investigated.

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