Men drop AK-47 and ammo and speed away from Cops

Men drop AK-47 and ammo and speed away from Cops
The Guyana Police Force has launched a search for two men at Linden who reportedly sped away from a Police patrol after dropping a bag that contained an AK-47 assault rifle and several rounds of ammunition.
In a statement, the Police said at about 7:30 on Tuesday evening, two police ranks were in a motor vehicle travelling along Watooka Road, Mackenzie, Linden, when they observed two men on a motor cycle and decided to track them as they acted suspiciously and one of them was carrying a haversack.
“The ranks became suspicious and decided to follow the two men who, upon realising that the ranks were behind them, threw away the haversack and escaped on the motor cycle”, the Police statement said.
The bag was retrieved and searched and an AK47 Rifle along with a magazine and twenty-three 7.62 x 39 rounds were found. It is unclear whether the Police got a look at the registration license plate for the motorcycle.
Investigations are in progress.

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