Miner slashed to death in Region 1

Miner slashed to death in Region 1

Police in the interior location of Big Creek in Region One are investigating a gruesome murder of a miner.

The dead man has been identified as 22 year old Oral of Moruca North West District. But sources in Port Kaituma said he was chopped to death by another miner with whom he had an argument and confrontation on Friday morning.

It is unclear what led to the fight between the two men, but one eyewitness said it got out of control and one of the men grabbed a cutlass and slashed the other miner to the neck, almost severing his head from his body. A police report on the incident said the fight may have started over the preparation of tea by one of the miners.

The young man was chopped to other parts of the body too and left to die. Investigations are ongoing into the incident.

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