New Commission to probe Rodney’s death

New Commission to probe Rodney’s death

The Government of Guyana on Thursday announced that it was setting an International Commission of Inquiry to probe the assassination of Guyanese Scholar and Politician Dr. Walter Rodney.

The announcement came on the 33rd anniversary of Rodney’s death. Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon at his post cabinet press briefing on Thursday said the President has authorized the establishment of the International Commission. He said the decision was made because previous inquiries proved inconclusive and the government wanted to end speculation on the issue.

The Working Peoples Alliance which was founded by Rodney has welcomed the announcement of the latest Commission of Inquiry.

For years, blame for Rodney’s death has been thrown at the various political parties. The Peoples National Congress which was in Government at the time of Rodney’s assassination has always distanced itself from the assassination. A previous Commission of Inquiry had found the government at the time playing no part in the assassination.

The Alliance for Change has indicated that it welcomes the announcement of the Inquiry but would like a time-table to be set since it has taken the current government 20  years to get the inquiry under way.

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