North Ruimveldt elderly woman strangled to death

North Ruimveldt elderly woman strangled to death

Police investigators were called to the home of a 75-year-old North Ruimveldt woman who was found murdered on Wednesday morning. The dead woman has been identified as Joyce Lewis.

She reportedly lived alone in the two-storey house in Christiani Street, North Ruimveldt. The gruesome discovery was made by the woman’s sister who decided to visit the home after she could not make contact with her. Screams of despair shattered the early morning quiet of the area as the woman’s body was found sprawled on the bed in one of her rooms.

Her underwear was partially removed and there were dark marks around her neck suggesting that she was strangled to death, according to sources close to the investigations.

Neighbours describe the elderly woman as a peaceful and quiet woman. They said just a few weeks ago she hosted a number of visiting relatives from the United States. One neighbour questioned whether who ever killed the woman may have thought that her relatives were still in Guyana and wanted to commit a robbery.

Fighting back tears, the dead woman’s sister said she doesn’t know if she could still live in Guyana after seeing the way her sister died. She said that¬†her sister did not deserve to have her life snuffed out of her in that way.

According to neighbours, Joyce Lewis has been living by herself since her husband who was a former Police Inspector, passed away three years ago.

Police investigators  believe who ever attacked and murdered the elderly woman gained entrance to the house through a window at the back of the property. Investigations are ongoing.

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