Norton supports probe of Vanessa Kissoon’s allegations against him by PNC Council of Elders

Norton supports probe of Vanessa Kissoon’s allegations against him by PNC Council of Elders

Moving ahead with his re-election campaign, Leader of the People’s National Congress/Reform (PNC/R) Aubrey Norton today declined to address to address the recent sexual harassment allegations leveled against him by longtime party member, Vanessa Kissoon. However, he said he is supportive of the announced decision of his party’s Council of Elders to probe the allegations.

Kissoon, who is Linden Town Councillor and a former Member of Parliament, in a statement last week alleged that some time ago, Mr. Norton made a sexual assault threat against her while they were traveling in the same vehicle.

Norton, who has denied the allegations, today said he is not inclined to further address the issue at this time.

“I am not prepared to discuss the Vanessa Kissoon matter. I have agreed with the elders of the party that they will deal with it, and when the investigation is over, that’s it. I am not going to discuss that,” he told News Source.

On Friday, the Council of Elders of the PNC with support from the party’s youth and women’s arms, announced a decision to probe the claims by Kissoon, with Elder Hamilton Green assuring that a thorough investigation will carried out into the allegations. 

“We were asked to form this daunting and difficult task just a few hours ago, and did not and will not, until there was an appropriate arrangement speak to any of the contending parties. But from what I have heard, we really can be facing a story written by George Orwell and we may be going through the twists and turns of an Orwellian drama. At the end of it all, those of us who are elders and have gone through the thick and thin of this party must seek the truth, and only truth and that it why we accepted this task”, Green said.

Mr. Green said the inquiry must unearth the truth, and those found culpable of any wrongdoing, will be held accountable. 

However, details of a start time for the inquiry have not been disclosed.

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