PPP questions Government about giving subventions to NCN and GINA

The current and capital expenditure for the Ministry of the Presidency was on Monday approved in the National Assembly but it was not without the scrutiny of the opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP). The current expenditure amounts to some $6 billion and will be used for administrative services, including the payment of salaries to Presidential […]

Government to continue efforts to fulfill all promises as first 100 days expires

Days after awarding itself an ‘A’ Grade for the implementation of its 21-point first 100 days plan, the coalition government has come forward with a fresh commitment to fully implement all of its promises while acknowledging several shortfalls. Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo updated the media on the government’s progress on Monday, which also signaled the expiration […]

Consideration of Budget estimates stalled over a number of oversights which are being corrected

The opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has highlighted what it said is a major constitutional flaw in the 2015 budget estimates which it has brought to the attention of the House Speaker and which the government has undertaken to correct shortly. The PPP, through former Attorney General Anil Nandlall, contends that the estimates in their […]

Two women busted at Ogle with cocaine

Two Guyanese women were taken into custody at the Ogle International Airport on Friday after they were busted with cocaine while attempting to board a LIAT late night flight to Barbados. Investigators have revealed that the bust took place just after 8:30pm on Friday. Officers attached to the Narcotics branch of the Guyana Police Force […]

Montrose granny killer caught; claims he was paid to commit murder

Police investigators have caught the man who they believe beat a Montrose granny to death during a home invasion a few weeks ago. The man was nabbed in Georgetown wearing the same clothes that he was caught on camera wearing during the brutal murder. News Source understands that the police received several tips confirming the […]

“Ole Head” Jordan defends budget against PPP’s “ramblings”

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, was most dismissive of Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, explaining that Jagdeo made no headway with his “nonsensical ramblings.” Minister Jordan revisited the many budgets he was a part of, on both sides of the House. “So even though I may be a young Parliamentarian, I am an ‘ole head’ and it […]

Nagamootoo blasts Jagdeo as “friend” of the criminals who is still race baiting

It was just after midnight and the Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo had just led his party in a walk out of the National Assembly, when Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo blasted the former President and his People’s Progressive Party of not having the ability to lecture anyone about security matters. During his 90-minute budget debate presentation, […]

Trotman reminds PPP that consideration of budget estimates was done in three days for 20 years

Minister of Governance and former House Speaker Raphael Trotman has shot down the opposition’s claims of being muzzled in the National Assembly and accused the People’s Progressive Party of being dishonest with history as it relates to the consideration of the estimates of expenditure. The government passed a motion in the House on Thursday limiting […]