Mother of AFC Chairman dies following car accident

The prominent Hughes family is in mourning following the tragic death of their mother Christobel Hughes, who passed away on Sunday at city hospital where she was recovering from a Saturday night accident. ¬†According to reports, her son Stuart, was driving her home on Saturday night when a speeding car slammed into their vehicle. They […]

West Coast Berbice couple chopped and beaten during robbery

Police in Berbice are investigating the robbery and brutal attack of a #2 Village, West Coast Berbice husband and wife. The incident took place early on Sunday morning just before 4:00am. According to a police report, two men armed with a cutlass and a firearm entered the home of vendors Abdool Kadir and his wife, […]

Dynamic not affected by US hotels filing for bankruptcy -Gouveia

Dynamic Airways is making it clear that its service will not be affected by bankruptcy proceedings filed by three hotels in the United States that have cited the airline as owing them money. In their court documents, the hotels name Dynamic Airways as one of the companies which owes it money. The hotels want their […]

Shots fired at GDF “indoor range” hits car in Kitty

A Kitty resident is grateful that no one was injured after he realized that shots being fired in an indoor shooting range at the Guyana Defence Force headquarters were hitting his parked car¬†in Kitty. According to reports, the Stanley Place, Kitty resident thought that his car was hit in a drive by shooting incident but […]

Chief Executive Officer of GPL relieved of duties

The Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Power and Light Company, Bharat Dindyal has been formally notified that the government no longer requires his services. Dindyal, whose contract with GPL, expired since last December was informed yesterday that his engagement with the company will expire today Friday, August 14th at 4pm. Cabinet was informed of […]

15-year-old driver and 19-year-old friend die in Essequibo accident

Two teenaged friends were killed in a late night Essequibo accident at Lima when the car they were in crashed through a fence as the 15-year-old driver lost control. The accident occurred just after midnight Thursday morning. The driver of the car, 15-year-old Dedesh Mohabir and his 19-year-old friend, Rupesh Jado both died as doctors […]

Two prisoners escape from New Amsterdam Prison using bed sheets

In a move that appeared like the script of a movie, two remand prisoners who were recently charged for an armed robbery in New Amsterdam, made a daring escape from the New Amsterdam prison on Wednesday night, using bed sheets. The two escapees have been identified as Ravindra Samaroo aka “Ravi” and Lennox Patterson who […]