Parent who rushed to Linden school to confront student ends up injured

Parent who rushed to Linden school to confront student ends up injured

A parent who rushed down to the New Silvercity Secondary School at Linden to reportedly confront a female student over a fight the student had with her daughter ended up nursing a number of injuries after she was allegedly shoved down the stairs at the school after she allegedly attacked the student.

Police at Linden were called in to the school on Tuesday and teachers were forced to dismiss all classes early as they feared that the situation could have exploded. A teacher of the school explained to News Source that earlier in the day, there was a fight between two girls at the school and the male cousin of one of the girls became involved in the altercation. All three students were sent to the Principal’s office and the incident was addressed.

However, according to reports, one of the girls had already called her parents and while the other girl was heading back to her classroom, the parent rushed to the young woman to attack her and the young woman fought her off by pushing her away. The woman ended up rolling down the stairs of the school and sustained a number of injuries. By this time, the parents for the girl who shoved the other student’s parent down the stairs, had arrived at the school and were getting ready to get into a brawl when the police arrived and was able to bring the situation to a calm.

News Source understands that the parents and the students involved in the fight were all taken to the Police station in the area where they were questioned and told that they could all face possible charges.

There are reports that the Police in the community in an effort to build closer relationship with parents and students of the school, have asked the school to host  a general assembly and allow police officers to address the students about violence and its consequences.

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