Bandit shot dead during afternoon heist

Bandit shot dead during afternoon heist

Police were called to the scene of a robbery incident in the Dazelle Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara, where a business owner shot one of three bandits dead during a mid afternoon confrontation on Wednesday.

Deputy Police Commissioner, Crime Chief Seelal Persaud confirmed that an investigation is ongoing into the incident. He said the business owner is a licensed firearm holder.

According to reports just after 2 o’ clock on Wednesday afternoon, the three men attacked the business place and were carrying out a robbery when the owner of the business was able to grab his firearm and fire a several shots in their direction.

One of the three men was hit and died at the scene while the other two were able to escape with an undisclosed sum of money and other items. It is unclear whether any of the two who escaped were also shot.

The identity of the dead bandit has not been revealed but it is believed that he is in is late teens.

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