Student stabbed at Richard Ishmael Sec. during lunch time brawl

Student stabbed at Richard Ishmael Sec. during lunch time brawl

Police were called in to the Richard Ishmael Secondary School in Woolford Avenue, Georgetown on Wednesday midday when one student stabbed another to his hand during a lunch time brawl.

News Source understands that the 14-year-old third form student and the 16-year-old fifth former were involved in fight in the school compound over old grievances when the younger boy whipped out a scissors and stabbed his fellow student to the one of his hands.

Teachers who may have grown tired of the growing cases of violent acts involving students called in the police and both boys were taken into custody along with some other students who may have also been apart of the fight.

According to reports, the two male students have a history of violent behavior at the school and were both previously disciplined and sent to the school’s welfare department. The department carried out its investigations and decided back then, that both students should continue classes at the same school, although some teachers expressed concern.

The latest incident has raised new questions about violence in the schools and what steps ought to be taken to curb such incidents. Most schools would have security guards to overlook the school compound but not to go through the bags of students for any weapons that they may be taking into the classrooms.

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