PNC celebrating 57th Anniversary with Local Government push

PNC celebrating 57th Anniversary with Local Government push

As the People’s National Congress/Reform (PNCR) celebrates its 57th  Anniversary, Party Leader David Granger has stated that the party is keeping to a contract it made with the Guyanese people in October of 1957, stating  “We are the heirs and executors of that contract. We have a duty to make ‘inclusionary democracy’ a reality in every neighbourhood, every municipality, and every region and in the entire nation”

Known then as the PNC, the party was founded and formed by late President Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham and former Chairman Joseph Lachmansingh, and was conceived as a party of personal liberty, consecrated as a party of national unity and committing to the service of all Guyanese.

“The PNCR today, on its 57th Anniversary, renews its commitment to continue to work through A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) to remove all obstacles to national unity. The PNCR will never surrender its struggle to restore local inclusionary democracy through early local government elections. The PNCR will never resile from its duty to work with any agencies, organisations, persons and parties in order to achieve the ideal of forging greater unity and democracy among all the people of Guyana” Granger said in his message to commemorate the PNCR’s anniversary .

At a Sunday flag raising ceremony to celebrate the anniversary, Mr. Granger  spoke extensively on the backdrop of their call for Local Government Election (LGE) with them holding several public demonstrations protests to bring awareness to their plight.

“The PNCR today celebrates the 57th anniversary of its founding by recalling that it entered government as part of a coalition administration fifty years ago in December 1964. It then embarked of the task of transforming a deeply divided colony into the united, independent state of Guyana. The new state adopted the inspiring national motto – One People, One Nation, One Destiny” Granger pointed out in his speech.

He added “It was not as an empty slogan to adorn our coat-of arms but an article of faith and an affirmation of our creed. Our founder-leader taught us, in his first, historic address to the Nation as Premier of British Guiana in December 1964:

“…all the people of this country are equally important, whether they belong to a large group or to a small group. To us, the Amerindians are important. To us, the Chinese are important. To us, the Portuguese are important. To us, the Europeans are important. To us, the mixed races are important. To us, the Africans are important. To us, the Indians are important. In short, all Guianese are important and valued members of our community and we cherish them and consider that…it is our duty and privilege to guard, protect and further the real interests of all.”

The retired Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Commander said “the PNCR has never forgotten its duty to actualise the vision of our nation’s founders by continuing their work to respect and protect all the people and to unite them into ‘One Nation.’ The people today want greater local democracy to administer their communities not ministerial dictatorship.

Granger opined that the people of Guyana in the different communities are seeking greater inclusion in decision-making, not exclusion; more consultation about matters that affect their everyday lives, not confrontation and marginalisation.

“The PNCR is convinced that greater national unity will bring the greatest good for the greatest number – greater wealth, greater growth and greater happiness. A unified nation will help to: enhance local, municipal and parliamentary democracy; eliminate one-party domination of government; expand economic enterprise and development; enrich cultural life and national consciousness; and enlarge multi-ethnic space and eliminate ethnic insecurity” said Granger.

The PNC now makes up the largest part of the Opposition coalition group,  A Partnership for National Unity.

Filed:  6th October, 2014

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