Police look for info on kidnapped businessman’s killers

Police look for info on kidnapped businessman’s killers

Police investigators are looking for clues that they hope could lead them to the kidnappers and killers of Enmore businessman Rajendra Singh, whose lifeless body was found dumped in Le Repentir cemetery with his hands tied.

The body was discovered five days after the businessman was kidnapped from his home. His family members were reportedly unable to meet the kidnappers demands. The family had reported to Police that the kidnappers wanted $50 Million for the man’s safe return then they later reduced that amount to $25 Million.

The kidnappers were in regular contact with the distraught family making their ransom demands. The Police were unable to trace the phone calls but tracked down the number attached to the sim card that was being used.

There are also reports that surveillance cameras located at the man’s home may have captured the kidnapping. At one stage, family members reported that the kidnappers demanded the video recording from the surveillance cameras also.

News Source understands that investigators are now looking at several leads and examining all of the businessman’s contacts and associates.


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