Police OPR claim no evidence of Police abuse of Shaka Chase

Police OPR claim no evidence of Police abuse of Shaka Chase

The Guyana Police Force Office of Professional Responsibility has dismissed accusations from former murder accused Shaka Chase that he was abuse and tortured while in Police custody.

The young man had filed the complaint after he was freed of a murder charge laid against him by the Police. The Director of Public Prosecutions had ordered the Police to drop the charges against the man because of the lack of evidence linking him to the murder of Policeman Romain Cleto. That incident took place in April, 2013.

The entire case turned out to be very embarrassing for the Guyana Police Force has both Chase and a woman the Police had brought in as its star witness, leveled accusations of abuse and torture against police ranks who were carrying out the investigations.

Chase’s Attorney had provided details of his client being beaten and tortured while in custody to admit to the crime. A number of witnesses had placed the accused young man at a Bar B Q event at the same time that the murder took place. Police investigators came under fire for ignoring the statements off those witnesses who provided the alibi. Eventually, the DPP became involved and forced the Police to drop all charges.

In a letter to Chase, the Office of Professional Responsibility of the Guyana Police Force said that his complaint was investigated and no evidence was found of him being abuse or tortured at the hands of the police.

Chase told News Source that he intends to continue to pursue the matter since he fears for his life and has gotten tired of being hounded by the Police. He is expected to consult his attorneys on the development.

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