Policeman dies while chasing prison escapee

Policeman dies while chasing prison escapee

A policeman attached to the Prashad Nagar police outpost reportedly collapsed and died on Monday morning while chasing after a man who had just escaped from the lock ups at the outpost. The Policeman who has been identified as Constable Dorwin Pitman was rushed to the Georgetown Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to reports, early this morning, a man who was in custody made a dash for his freedom while another policeman was about to feed inmates at the lock up. Constable Pitman and another policeman who were on duty at the time gave chase from opposite directions in the compound behind the escapee.

The prisoner reportedly made good his escape in the nearby Sophia area and the 23 year old policemen Pitman was discovered unresponsive and lying on his side in an alleyway.

There are reports that he may have come into contact with a live illegal power line and was electrocuted. But Doctors at the Georgetown Hospital prefer to make pronouncements after a complete post mortem examination.

A police source said the matter is being fully investigated since they are not sure what may have been responsible for the man’s death. At first they believed that he may have been attacked by the prisoner but his body bore no marks of violence.

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