Prison escapee shot dead

Prison escapee shot dead

One of the three men who escaped from the Magistrates’s Court lock ups on Monday afternoon has been shot dead by the Police. the dead man has been identified as Vickram Persaud. He was on trial for the murder of ┬ápolice constable Michael Cumberbatch who was shot dead on September 23, 2013 in Sophia.

Persaud’s lifeless body which bore bullet wounds to the stomach and chest area and the head was dropped off at the Georgetown Hospital just before 9pm on Monday.

Hospital officials said the police drove off just after handing the man’s body over to the Accident and Emegency Unit where doctors pronounced him dead.

Four prisoners reportedly made the escape from the lock ups but one of them was recaptured moments later. With Persaud now dead, the other two escapees remain on the run.

Policeman Michael Cumberbatch was home with his wife on the night of September 23, 2013 when a man appeared at the home enquiring about the whereabouts of someone named “Quacy”. The Policeman reportedly told the man that there was no Quacy living at that address and as he escorted the man out of the yard, the two got into an argument and the man whipped out a gun and shot the policeman dead.

Eyewitnesses later identified Persaud as the gunman and he was arrested and charged. During his first court appearance, Persaud complained about being beaten by police officers and forced to give a statement on camera. He was not required to enter a plea to the murder charge.




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