La Grange man charged for Policeman’s murder

La Grange man charged for Policeman’s murder

A 28-year-old man from La Grange on the West Bank Demerara was on Friday morning charged for the shooting death of police constable Michael Cumberbatch.

The accused was identified as Vickram Persaud and as he made his first court appearance he complained about being beaten by the police into making a statement and also being denied access to his attorneys.

The man was not required to enter a plea to the murder charge and was remanded to prison until October 17.  The Director of Public Prosecutions has been asked to give further advice on the matter.

Police constable Michael Cumberbatch was gunned down in his Sophia yard as he escorted a man out of the  yard who was there in search of someone by the name of Quacy.

The Policeman and his wife had indicated to the man that there was no one by that name living there and it was while Policeman Cumberbatch was showing the man the way out of the yard, that he was shot at close range.

The Police claim that the accused Vickram Persaud confessed to the murder of the Policeman.

The dead Policeman’s wife will be a critical witness in the case since she came face to face with her husband’s murderer at the house just moments before her husband lost his life.

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