PPP wants more time for Claims and Objections

PPP wants more time for Claims and Objections

With the Claims and Objections period for the Register of Registrants expected to come to a close on August 24, the governing People’s Progressive Party has written to the Elections Commission requesting that the period be extended by seven additional days.

In a statement, the party said it is convinced that an extension “at this critical time is necessary to ensure most if not all eligible Guyanese are on the List and not disenfranchised whenever elections are called”.

The PPP believes the stage has been set for National Elections with the move by the Alliance For Change to submit a no confidence motion in the Government and that move gaining the support of A Partnership for National Unity and being given the all clear by the Speaker of the National Assembly.

The PPP claims that it has received valuable information from its “extensive field work countrywide” which proves there are many persons who are still to effect transfer of their particulars from one list to another especially in New Housing Schemes.

The party offered a list of concerns that it has with the Elections Commission over the Claims and Objections exercise. The PPP does not believe GECOM has been doing enough to target many of the citizens who are eligible to make claims to their registration.

“Time and again the Party had engaged GECOM to conduct mobile registration in these schemes as well as Hinterland and Riverain communities; even though some amount of work was done to this effect the PPP remains dissatisfied with GECOM’s:

– Poor PR to notify residence of mobile units

– Poor selection of convenient days and times to residents

– Meager time spent in Hinterland & Riverain Communities”

The party has issued a call on all major stakeholders to support its call for an extension “so that every eligible Guyanese can get on the list paving the way for transparent, free and fair elections whenever they are called”.

The Elections Commission is expected to meet before Saturday to consider the request of the governing party.

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