President Ali and GAWU remember “Fireball” Shury as exceptional Guyanese

President Ali and GAWU remember “Fireball” Shury as exceptional Guyanese

Longtime member and supporter of the People’s Progressive Party, former Member of Parliament Philomena Sahoye-Shuri passed away on Sunday and is being remembered as an exceptional political activist and Guyanese.

In a statement, President Irfaan Ali described Sahoye-Shury as a vangard of Guyana’s struggle for Independence.

He said she was also involved in the struggle for the restoration of democracy and helped build a free and democratic Guyana.

“Our country owes an eternal debt of gratitude to this outstanding daughter of our soil who was a fearless and formidable fighter in the struggle for freedom. We were close associates within the People’s Progressive Party. I respect her and learnt from her. Cde Phil was always willing to share her vast experience and wisdom with younger members of the party. She never shirked from leading by example when it came to political legwork”, the President said.

He said her work has helped to transform communities across Guyana, adding that Guyana has lost an amazing human being and is poorer for her passing.

Sahoye-Shury once served as the General Secretary of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union.

In its statement, GAWU said she was a voice of the people in Guyana, reminding that she earned the nickname of ‘Fireball’ when she served as the General Secretary of GAWU.

GAWU said even after she left the Union, Sahoye-Shury never lost touch and inspired the new leadership of GAWU to go on to secure new successes.

Philomena Sahoye-Shury was 91 years old.

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