President doesn’t sign bill for local government elections

President doesn’t sign bill for local government elections

The Opposition parties are still hoping that local government elections could be held by August of this year but the President is not sharing that view and he has written to the Speaker of the National Assembly indicating that he will not sign into law legislation that was passed by the National Assembly setting the stage for local government elections by August 1 of this year.

In defending his decision not to assent to the amendment to the Local Government Bill, the President said  the Guyana Elections Commission has already declared it impracticable to host Local Government elections on or before the 1st August, 2014.

The Opposition parties and civil society groups have been pushing for Local Government elections. The PPP Civic administration has not called local government elections in 20 years.

The Opposition parties have accused the President of not wanting Local Government Elections and therefore refusing to sign bills that would set the stage for the elections to take place.

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