Police officers charged for assault over Colyn Harding torture

Police officers charged for assault over Colyn Harding torture

Two Police Constables, Constable Devin Singh and Constable Rose Tilbury Douglas have been charged with assault committed on Timehri resident Colwyn Harding who had complained that he was beaten and baton raped while in police custody at the Timehri station last November.

The two police constables appeared in court on Tuesday and were granted bail on the joint charge of assault causing actual bodily harm. Police constable Devin Singh was also slapped with an additional assault charge. After being granted bail, Constable Devin Singh jumped from the stairs of the courthouse and ran away from media operatives who were covering the story.

The Colwyn Harding case garnered widespread condemnation as the man recalled how he was beaten and sexually assaulted while in police custody. He spent a number of months in local hospital and eventually sought treatment overseas for internal injuries that he said were as a result of a baton being shoved into his anus.

Harding  has since filed a multi million dollar civil lawsuit in the matter. It took the Guyana police Force over 5 months to complete its investigations in the matter.

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