Granger calls out Ramotar on Local Government promises

Granger calls out Ramotar on Local Government promises

Even with their decision to move a no confidence motion against the Donald Ramotar administration, the Opposition parties are still pressing the PPP Civic Government on its failure to call Local Government Elections. The last time Guyana held Local Government Elections was in 1994.

Leader of the Opposition, Brigadier (Rtd.) David Granger on Friday reiterated his position that President Donald Ramotar has failed to keep his promise on Local Government Elections (LGE), after he had guaranteed that LGE would be held within one year of the 2011 General Elections.

Granger said the President made a solemn promise in the PPP’s 2011 Election Manifesto saying that: “In the area of local government and governance, the next PPP/C government will ensure, within one year of the 2011 general elections, that local government elections are held bringing much-needed reinvigoration into local government entities.”  Ballot-Box-4x3

Granger wants Ramotar to remember that promise and call Local Government Elections which the Opposition believes could be an answer to many of issues facing municipalities and local councils across the country.

The APNU is also contending that President Ramotar has displayed “gross disrespect” for the National Assembly by refusing to assent to one of the Local Government Bills that would set the stage for the hosting of Local Government polls.

The Opposition Leader said the President “is aware also that the PPP/C, while he was a member of the National Assembly when his party enjoyed a majority, repeatedly passed amendments for twelve consecutive years since 1997 to defer the holding of Local Government Elections for the expressed purpose of ‘completing the reform of the Local Government System in Guyana as required by the Guyana Constitution’.”

The Opposition Leader further noted that the PPP/C for over two decades has demonstrated its unwillingness to introduce Local Government reform which was considered necessary to give effect to Article 12 of the Guyana Constitution which states “Local Government by freely elected representatives of the people is an integral part of the democratic organisation of the State.”

At a Friday afternoon press conference, President Ramotar brushed aside Granger’s statements, by saying it is strange that while the Opposition parties are still calling for Local Government elections, they are pushing for a No Confidence motion which will set the stage for National Elections.

The PPP Civic Administration has come under increasing pressure over its failure to host Local Government Elections in two decades.

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