President tells UN that Guyana will spare no effort to defend territorial integrity

President tells UN that Guyana will spare no effort to defend territorial integrity

In his address to the United Nations General Assembly this afternoon, President Irfaan Ali zeroed in on the latest threats and territorial claims from neigbouring Venezuela.

He said the Bolivarian Republic must desist from threatening Guyana.

The President said though the threats have persisted for several decades, they have intensified in recent times.

President Ali told the UN Assembly that only yesterday, Caracas issued another threat because of Guyana’s recent auctioning of oil blocks.

He described Venezuela’s latest objection to Guyana conducting its own affairs as a threat to regional and international peace and security as well as a threat to Guyana’s investment partners.

“We demand that Venezuela honors its obligations under the charter to pursue only peaceful means to settle any disputes it may have with Guyana including adjudication before the International Court of Justice. Allowing the Court to decide will ensure a resolution that is peaceful, equitable and in accordance with international law,” the President said.

The President said Guyana’s participation at the International Court of Justice, is testament to the country’s commitment to have the border issue settled in a peaceful manner.

“Guyana will spare no effort in defending its sovereign and territorial integrity. I expressed appreciation with every member of the international community that continue to support Guyana’s effort to preserve its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the President said.

According to President Ali, when Guyana takes its place next year on the UN Security Council, issues such as respect for international law and justice will be the country’s guide.

The President also used his address to highlight issues related to food security, climate change and poverty. 

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