Public Security Minister assures Corentyne of move to rid Police Force of rogue cops

The Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan has defended his decision to have the "torture cops" removed from the Police Force and has indicated that all rogue cops must go.

Public Security Minister assures Corentyne of move to rid Police Force of rogue cops

The Guyana Police Force has been called upon to ensure more rigorous background checks are carried out on new recruits as efforts are being made at other levels to rid the force of rogue cops.

The charge was made by Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan as he met with members of the Upper Corentyne Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday morning.

Ramjattan restated that under his watch there will be no place for rouge cops in the Force. “All rogue cops must go!” Ramjattan declared.

He used the opportunity to defend his request which led to the dismissal of one of the policemen who was fingered and charged in connection with the torture of a 15-year-old boy back in 2009.

Corporal Mohanram Dolai was dismissed by Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud at the request of Ramjattan.

The Minister is still pressing on with his calls for the Police Service Commission to fire his colleague, Inspector Narine Lall who was recently promoted by the commission.

“We can’t have police men who will do misconduct to the most vulnerable and still promote them… and especially in the context when you have a senior Judge saying it was torture, inhumane and degrading “ Ramjattan said.

The Minister who was the attorney for the tortured teen back in 2009 said he was remedying a situation that had gone horrendously bad and in the process was going to ensure the cleansing of the Guyana Police Force of bad cops.

He reasoned that these rigorous background checks on new recruits will only ensure better police men and women serve the public at this level.

The Minister feels there must be better community/police relationship.

“You must have at least certain things being done so that you can win back the confidence of the people… in the restructuring to take place we would like to see civilian oversight over police stations in all divisions,” he added.

He said too “we must not see the policemen as bullies and little Caesars in the community who harass and keep people at bay,” as he assured of his zero tolerance approach against corruption.

(Kurt Campbell)

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