Remigrant found murdered in Linden

Remigrant found murdered in Linden

Police in the mining town of Linden are investigating the brutal murder of a 66-year-old remigrant who returned to Guyana just over a year ago and built his dream house.

Dead is Kingsley Joseph whose blood soaked body was found at the back of his Wisroc, Linden yard with multiple stab wounds. According to police sources, the man’s body was found under a sheet and near to what appeared to be a shallow grave on Saturday morning. Investigators believe more than one person may have attacked the man and murdered him and they may have been making an attempt to bury his body.

News Source understands that Joseph was a member of the Guyana Defence Force before he migrated to the United States. He reportedly lived there for several years and was well known in the Brooklyn area. He decided to move back to his hometown and started to build his house in 2012.  He recently moved into the new property.

The murder has sent shockwaves throughout the bauxite town and it comes less than one month after another murder in town.

Filed: 28th December, 2014

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