Sean Hinds points finger at PPP activists as being behind Crum-Ewing’s murder

Sean Hinds points finger at PPP activists as being behind Crum-Ewing’s murder

Former murder accused and self confessed member of the former death squad, Sean Hinds believes that two activists for the now opposition People’s Progressive Party ought to be questioned in connection with the murder of political activist Courtney Crum-Ewing.

In an interview this evening with the HGP Nightly News, Hinds distanced himself from any involvement in the murder. He said he believes that the man currently in police custody may have called his name as the trigger man and that is the reason behind his decision to come forward and clear his name.

“Somebody implicate me in Crum-Ewing murder, saying that I was the person who pass the money or the person who went with the killer. At no time, I did not went with no killer”, Hinds said.

He claims that on the night of the murder he was at home with his family and only learnt the identity of the person who was gunned down, the following morning. Courtney Crum-Ewing was shot dead in the Diamond community back in March of this year as he walked around with a loud hailer encouraging residents to vote the PPP out of office. He was shot five times.

Three of those shots were close range shots to his head while the other two were to the upper body.  He had expressed concern to the police about his safety claiming that he was being threatened by members of the PPP government. The PPP has always denied any involvement.

But Sean Hinds said he was forced to seek refuge at the PPP headquarters on Robb Street on Tuesday after he noticed a heavily tinted vehicle close to his home. He said he was not sure whether the men in the car were policemen or hit-men but he went to the PPP headquarters to relax. He said he was surprised with the demeanor of a well known PPP activist who served in the previous government, after he related his worry to the man.

“Them people know who kill this man you know. And yesterday when I go and tell this man and I go in there for a little shelter to settle me nerves and to catch myself  and if you see this man how he jittery boy. If you see how this man operating jittery jittery jittery.”

Hinds also said he is convinced that another activist for the PPP may have passed the money for Crum-Ewing’s execution. He identified that activist as a well known businessman who owns a tv station that is unapologetically supportive of the PPP and carries a number of talk shows for the party.

Hinds is adamant that he does not intend to take the fall for the Crum-Ewing murder. He also declared that he can only die when he is ready to die and therefore he has no fear in calling the names of those he believe were behind the execution.

Appearing frustrated, the man who also claimed that he was part of the 2002/2003 death squad that hunted down and killed criminals, said he has no fear of going to the police but he is tired of taking the blame for murders and other crimes that he claims he would know nothing about.

The investigation into the murder of the political activist has been intensified over the past week after the police discovered a gun which they believe was used in the execution. A previously charged criminal suspect has since been arrested in connection with the case and has been answering questions from the investigators.

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