Sparendaam man shot dead in gang conflict

Sparendaam man shot dead in gang conflict

Police investigators are hunting for a lone gunman they believe shot and killed Sparendaam youth, 22-year-old Michael Hamilton. According to reports, the incident took place late on Monday afternoon in the Sparendaam squatting area, East Coast Demerara.

Residents from the community suspect a young gang member as being the assailant. Reports indicate that the two young men had an ongoing conflict that escalated in recent weeks.

Relatives of the dead youth have said that he was threatened several times by the man suspected of taking his life. They have also complained that the Police did not act on reports of the threats. Just over a month ago, the now deceased youth was shot to the buttocks in another attack.

One resident who asked for his identity not to be made public, told News Source that there are a number of gangs in the East Coast community and they have “been going at each other with this shooting nonsense and threats for a while. The police would not act and now somebody dead, let us see what happens”.

An investigation into the murder is underway.


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