Berbice businessman gunned down in home, wife critical

Berbice businessman gunned down in home, wife critical

Another murder has rocked the ancient country of Berbice. This time police investigators at Corentyne are probing the Monday night attack and murder of a businessman in his Hampshire home on the Corentyne Coast.

The murdered businessman has been identified as  34-year-old Devendra Deodat aka “Dave”. The man reportedly operated a trucking company in the area.

The incident occurred just after 7 pm on Monday night. Reports out of the Berbice area indicate that the businessman and his wife were in their Corentyne Coast home along with their children when a number of heavily armed gunmen stormed into their home. Some of the men were also armed with cutlasses.

The men reportedly demanded money and other valuables and shot the businessman during the robbery. His wife was reportedly injured during the incident and was rushed to the hospital. The couple’s children were unarmed.

Persons in the area rushed over to the house after the shooting ended to see the dead businessman and his injured wife lying on the floor.

A Police probe has started.

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