SWAT team coming to fight crime

SWAT team coming to fight crime

As the Donald Ramotar administration continues to come under criticism for the rising crime problem in the country, it appears as though some moves are now afoot to arrest the worsening problem.

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday announced that Cabinet has approved the establishment of a SWAT Unit for the Guyana Police Force.  “This initiative is aimed at strengthening the Force’s law enforcement capabilities”, the release said.

According to the Home Affairs Ministry, with a SWAT Unit, the Guyana Police Force would be better placed to make specialized interventions, thereby, ensuring law and order is maintained, and prospective threats are neutralized.

A United States based company is to be consulted on the establishment of the SWAT unit.

“The Ministry has engaged the services of ‘The Emergence Group’ (TEG), a Washington-based consultancy firm, to obtain the requisite assistance in this initiative”, it stated.

The Opposition parties have been lambasting the government on the crime issue and saying that the administration should take the blame for not implementing a British funded security reform initiative.

The Home Affairs Ministry said the establishment of the new unit will begin shortly “with an ‘Organizational Needs Assessment’ to be done by experts from the consultancy firm.  Curriculum development and training, including mentoring, will also be undertaken by the consultancy firm. “

Though the Guyana Police Force is said to be in agreement with the unit, it is unclear who will make the decision about who is added to the unit. In the past, the Government has established a Tactical Services Unit, a Quick Reaction Squad and an Impact base all in the Police Force with the intention of better tackling violent crime.

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