Toshao who blocked Ramotar from Moco Moco visit released by Police

Toshao who blocked Ramotar from Moco Moco visit released by Police

The Moco Moco village Toshao who was arrested early Friday on rape allegations was released on Friday evening  from Police custody on his own recognizance.

Toshao Mark George was arrested and taken into custody just days after he denied permission for President Donald Ramotar to visit the Amerindian community for a political meeting.

According to The Amerindian Act of 2006, Section 5, part II,  “A person, other than a person travelling for official business for the Government who wishes to enter Village lands shall apply for and obtain the permission of the village Council”.

Because the trip was a political campaign trip and not an official Presidential trip for government business, approval would have had to be granted for the visit in keeping with the Amerindian act.

Toshao George believes his decision to deny the President’s visit to the community because of late notice is the real reason behind his arrest.

Although he was held in custody for several hours, it was never explained to him why he was being held and what were the allegations that were made against him.

However, in a press statement on Friday evening, just moments before his release, the Guyana Police Force said that the official was being held on an alleged rape investigation

The complaint to the police was never made by the alleged victim or family but rather by another community official. The complaint was filed with the police just hours after the Toshao made known his decision not to grant permission for the President to visit the community.

Toshao George issued a statement through his Attorney Nigel Hughes late on Friday night.

Statement by Toshao Mark George

“On Monday the 16th February 2015 two hours after the current Toshao of Moco Moco refused the President access to the village of Moco Moco, the former Toushao and current PPP representative in the Moco Moco Community, dressed in a Community Police Cap and CSO uniform went to St Ignatius Secondary School where he tried to intimidate a female student into making allegations against the Toushao.

Neither the family or the young lady has to date made any allegation against the Toshao.

They were however invited to the station this afternoon.

Toushao Mark George was never informed of any allegation against him.

Toushao George maintains his innocence and appreciates that this is part of the process of continued intimidation to silence any form of independent thought and action by the Indigenous peoples.”

Filed: 21st Februrary, 2015

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