Trotman and Harmon to head Coalition elections campaign

Trotman and Harmon to head Coalition elections campaign

Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman who is also an AFC executive member and APNU General Secretary Joe Harmon will serve as the campaign managers for the coalition between the two parties that is heading into the May 11, 2015 elections.

The announcement was made at a Friday morning press conference hosted by the opposition coalition. Additionally, the group have its campaign headquarters set up in the Queenstown area.

Trotman told the press conference that as the coalition moves forward one week after the signing of the Cummingsburg Accord, the two parties are getting to know each other and have been working out a good plan in that area.

Going into the elections, the coalition will more than likely use the names of both parties on the ballot paper. The symbol is expected to incorporate the symbols of the two parties. Mr. Trotman explained that it is possible for both symbols to be used side by side but they will settle on that matter in early March before the coalition launches its campaign across the country.

Questioned about a possible need to move away from the combined name and symbols, Trotman reminded that the elections are just over 80 days away and the party would not want to confuse voters this at this time with a new name.

He said the parties have been getting suggestions.

Meanwhile, the coalition gwill be hosting its activists at an important “get to know you” conference on February 28.

The coalition members have said that response from the general public to the move has been overwhelming and they intend to capitalize on that excitement as the “wind of change” blows across the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, the coalition has unveiled  a ten-point programme for democracy, development and national unity, that it will impliement once elected to office. See programme below:

*Constitutional reform: The introduction of a meaningful constitutional reform programme geared towards improved governance and fair representation;

Economic development: The creation of a long-term economic development programme based on consultation and consensus and aimed at realising the vast potential of the country;

Financial legislation: The passage of amended Anti Money-Laundering and Countering the financing of Terrorism legislation and the establishment of a Public Procurement Commission;

Local democracy: The announcement of the date for the holding of local government elections;

National unity: The introduction of a programme for healing, reconciliation and social integration;

Taxation reform: The comprehensive review of current taxation policies, including the value-added tax;

Telecommunications and information: The review, restructuring and liberalisation of the telecommunications and information sectors;

Public security: The sustained improvement of crime prevention and the security environment;

Public services: The reorganisation of the education, health, sports, recreation and other human service sectors;

Youth Programme: The establishment of a comprehensive youth programme.



Filed: 20th February 2015

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