Tuschen man kills three in early morning rampage

Tuschen man kills three in early morning rampage

Police at Tuschen on the East Bank of Essequibo are hunting for a cane cutter after he reportedly murdered his former mother-in-law, his young child and his ex wife’s new boyfriend.  They were all chopped to death.

The man reportedly also chopped his ex-wife who is in a critical condition. The incident took place early on Thursday morning.

The three dead persons have been identified as 55-year-old, Bibi Zalima Khan, 9-year-old Ashley Boodhoo, and 30 year old upholsterer Floyd Drakes.

The assailant who has been identified as Joshua Franklin reportedly ran from the scene after his murderous rampage. Police from a number of nearby stations were dispatched to the area and launched a massive manhunt.

Persons in the area said the man and his wife would have many arguments but no one expected the situation would end in murder. There are reports that the two were recently involved in a court matter as their relationship soured and the court directed the husband to move from the house, as the wife complained about his abuse and threats.

She reportedly moved her new found love into the house and that may have triggered the incident. According to a police report, Franklin made his way into the home by smashing through a window early on Thursday morning and began slashing anyone who would run into his path. The three persons who died bore multiple chop wounds to their bodies.

Investigations are ongoing.


Filed: 18th December, 2014

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