Tuschen woman killed by jealous ex husband

Tuschen woman killed by jealous ex husband

An East Bank Essequibo woman who was a mother of four was stabbed more than twenty times to her body on Monday morning, allegedly by the father of her children.

Thirty seven-year old Lalita Basdeo, employed with GuyAmerica furniture store, was attacked in her bathroom at her, Phase Two, Tuschen New Scheme, East Bank Essequibo home.

The woman’s bloodied body was discovered by her reputed husband Salim Ahmad lying in the bathroom. It is alleged that the woman’s ex husband who she has a restraining order against, Mohammed Iqbal, entered the home while she was alone and stabbed her to death, before reportedly turning himself over to the police.

The reputed husband told News Source that the woman’s ex husband who was abusive to her would call and visit her work place making threats and she was granted a restraining order against him.

There are reports that she ended the relationship with the father of her children just over a year ago and moved on with the current reputed husband. An investigation is underway and charges are likely.

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