UK wants Venezuela to stop provocative acts against Guyana

UK wants Venezuela to stop provocative acts against Guyana

The United Kingdom has told the United Nations Security Council that the border controversy between Guyana and Venezuela was settled since 1899, and Venezuela cannot act unilaterally to disrupt the peace of the region.

The United Kingdom was among the members of the UN Security Council that voiced their criticism of Venezuela’s ongoing acts of aggression towards Guyana, during a closed door meeting of the Security Council yesterday.

Guyana is a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, and President Irfaan Ali requested the discussion on the Venezuelan issue, citing the recent enactment of legislation in Venezuela further claiming Guyana’s territory and putting up a defence of Guyana’s Essequibo.

Sources said during yesterday’s closed door meeting, many of the members of the Security Council made known their objections to the latest moves by Venezuela, while indicating their respect for Guyana territorial integrity.

While the Security Council is still to release a statement on the meeting, the UK Delegation in a statement on twitter urged those with influence on Venezuela, to discourage the country from any further provocative action.

Back in December, when the Security Council discussed Venezuela’s actions then against Guyana, the Council denounced Venezuela’s actions as provocative, and emphasised the need to respect Guyana’s sovereignty, and said that the ICJ remains the forum where the territorial issue over the Essequibo region should be resolved.

Earlier this week, the Commonwealth, the OAS and CARICOM all criticized the Venezuelan Government’s decision to sign new law into place declaring Guyana’s Essequibo as a new Venezuelan state.

The Guyana Government in the past few days has been busy reaching out to the international community and informing them of Venezuela’s ongoing acts of aggression in violation of the Argyle Declaration which was agreed to by the Presidents of the two countries, and the Provisional Measures handed down by the International Court in December.

In a recent interview with the BBC, President Irfaan Ali said Guyana will call on its international partners for support, if Venezuela makes any attempt to breach the border and annex Guyana’s territory.

The Opposition in Guyana has declared its support of the Government and its support of the protection of Guyana’s terrritory.

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