UN Good Officer meets Guyana and Venezuela officials

UN Good Officer meets Guyana and Venezuela officials

The Personal Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General on the border controversy between Guyana and Venezuela, Mr. Norman Girvan met with officials from the two countries last week in wake of the arrest by Venezuela of an oil exploration vessel that was in Guyana’s waters.

The meeting with the UN Good Officer was described by his office as “very productive separate meetings”.

The meetings were held with the Foreign Ministers of Guyana and Venezuela. Girvan said the Ministers emphasized the excellent bilateral relations that currently exist between the two States.

Guyana and Venezuela have agreed to meet within the next four months to continue their dialogue on the issue. From all appearances, Guyana will not give permission for further exploration in the area where the vessel was arrested by the Venezuelan Navy.

Although, Guyana’s early statements on the arrest were very strong and garnered the support from the Opposition parties, the joint statement issued after the meeting in Trinidad and Tobago last week was described as “soft” by the Opposition.

The UN Secretary General Representative said that in recalling the progress made under the Good Offices process in the recent past, the Ministers welcome the Personal Representative’s initiative to suggest a series of further steps to address the border controversy. These steps could include a schedule of meetings to move the process forward over the coming months.

“The Personal Representative notes with appreciation the expression of confidence by both Ministers in the Good Offices process under the auspices of the United Nations Secretary-General. He looks forward to providing the Ministers with suggestions in the coming weeks, and discussing them with each of the Foreign Ministers in the near future”, the statement added.

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