U.S lends assistance for ambulance purchase

U.S lends assistance for ambulance purchase

The Government of the United States through USAID continues to lend assistance to Guyana in critical areas.

U.S Ambassador  to Guyana D. Brent Hardt on Wednesday handed over a check for just over $8.9 Million to Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh to benefit emergency services.

At the Ministry’s request and by agreement between the Guyanese and U.S. governments, the funds will be used to assist with the purchase of an ambulance for Region 10, which the Government of Guyana had made provisions for in its 2013 National Budget.

The ambulance will be deployed to provide  public health services in the outlying areas of the region including Great Falls, Number 48 Miles, Number 58 Miles, and Mabura Hill.

At the handing over ceremony, Ambassador Hardt noted that this contribution complements ongoing U.S. development assistance provided to Guyana’s health sector, including HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment.

According to the embassy, “the support, while targeted primarily at combating HIV and AIDS helps strengthen the entire health sector, including supply chain management for drugs and other health care commodities, blood safety, injection safety, and laboratory improvements”.

The donation precedes a medical outreach to Region 10, coordinated through the U.S. Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP), that will provide general medical assistance to individuals in that region.

The funding for the ambulance was made available through USAID.  The Ministry of Finance will finalize arrangements for the purchase of the ambulance and its handover to the Region 10 administration.


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