Rohee fires off at Police Investigators

Rohee fires off at Police Investigators

Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee who holds responsibility for the security sector has slammed the Guyana Police Force and its investigators over what he sees as “incompetence” in their handling of a number of cases.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Minister of Home Affairs expressed worry over the high number of police investigations and cases that have gone bad because of police investigating. He singled out the case of the death of a young man whose body was found in a swimming pool at a hotel.

Rohee said he has been visited by relatives of the young man and they have expressed their own concern over the police handling of the case. The Director of Public Prosecutions according to the Minister, had requested additional information from the Police in relation to that matter and she is still awaiting the requested information.

The Minister said the investigation into that incident appears to have been affected by “incompetence and apathy displayed by the investigative ranks”. Rohee also lashed out at the Guyana Police Force for their investigations into the shooting death of Police Corporal Romain Cleto.

The Minister expressed concern over the case that was made out against East Ruimveldt resident Shaka Chase. He has ordered a probe into the police handling of the investigations. The Police Force was forced to drop its case against Chase after the Director of Public Prosecutions advised that the investigations were not properly done and there was no strong case against Chase in the police shooting death.

The Office of Professional Responsibility of the Guyana Police Force has also launched an investigations into allegations of torture against police officers who questioned Shaka Chase.

The Guyana Police Force has been coming under increased criticism for its high rate of unsolved cases. Additionally, many of the cases would fall apart when they reach the Magistrates Court and High Court for lack of evidence.

The Minister has also come under criticism from the Opposition parties which have issued calls for him to step down from office over the crime situation in the country. Rohee has vowed not to go anywhere and has launched a comprehensive plan he hopes will be able to reform the Guyana Police Force.

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