Vandals attack GT&T cables, thousands affected

Vandals attack GT&T cables, thousands affected

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company has once again been faced with major damage to its network as a result of vandalism and damage to its cables.

According to the company, thousands of its customers had their telephone services affected as a result of vandalism of a 2400 pair feeder cable of which 15 meters was stolen over the Easter weekend in the Sophia area.

“This has resulted in disruption of telephone services to customers in Bel Voir Court, Bel Air,  Prashad Nagar, Sophia, Blygezight and surrounding areas”, the company said.

 Over the years, the company has complained bitterly about persons cutting its cables and stealing them for the copper. GT&T said because of the latest incident, “the damage was severe and thus extensive repairs including civil works would be necessary. It is expected that repairs would be completed within 4-5 days and services fully restored.”

 It said “these acts of vandalism continue to affect the roll out of services nationally since resources have to be diverted from scheduled works. Community welfare and security are also affected.”

The company expressed its regret for the inconvenience caused “and reiterates its call for communities to be vigilant for persons who set out to destroy such vital communication infrastructure and to report such acts to the police and to GT&T’s vandalism hotline 0908.”


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