Christopher Nurse endorses Shanghai

Christopher Nurse endorses Shanghai

With the much-anticipated elections of the Guyana Football Federation approaching a kick off time, the Captain of the Guyana National Football Team, Christopher Nurse has announced his endorsement of long-time Guyana Football Federation Executive and Football administrator Aubrey Shanghai Major for the Presidency.

In a statement, the 28-year-old midfielder said he believes Shanghai is the best man for the job who has demonstrated over the years his commitment to the sport and the players.

Nurse has been a strong critic of the current GFF administration and has been calling for more attention to be paid to local footballers who represent Guyana at the international level. He has also displayed his passion for the development of the game locally and over the past two years has put forward recommendations for the development of the sport in Guyana.

Below is the full text of Christopher Nurse’s endorsement.

I feel Mr. Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major has the ability to head the Guyana Football Federation in the right direction. Unquestionably if there was a bright spot of the current administration it has been Shanghai. All of the candidates each have very strong resumes and credentials to sustain the position however through good, bad and dreadful times, Mr. Major has remained the one person within the federation who demonstrated the ability to deliver.

The pressure will be high, because he has been an integral witness to a mountain of things that were done wrong by the federation in the past and the few that were done correctly. I believe this insight is key to changing the future of Guyana’s Football.

On numerous occasions despite not holding the main position of power he demonstrated the ability to reason and negotiate with the players consistently to provide the best outcome.
Shanghai has demonstrated a level of knowledge and understanding to the needs of the players and staff and has acted in the best way possible to accommodate those concerned.

Shanghai was the person with the vision to bring coach Shabazz to Guyana and was the only one to give the players and staff total support. He opened the doors for local players to start plying their trade in professional leagues globally. He has also promised that if appointed he will ensure the players will receive the monies that the current executive committee has failed to deliver, the 12% from the game against Mexico in Houston.
His business and fund-raising skills are unquestionable and he has for decades demonstrated the skills necessary to organise and manage football as a business in his personal endeavours.The personnel surrounding Mr Major have high credibility amongst the players of the national team, they have travelled to away games at their own expense and consistently donated money and incentives to the team based on success, showing commitment and belief to the sport.

The personnel assisting Mr Major will be just as important as the presidential position, as this task is bigger than just one person. Therefore the decision to have Mr Aaron Fraser as part of the executive team is a huge step by Shanghai in charting a new administrative course for Guyana football.

He has promised that should he reign victorious the personnel who have been responsible for the stagnation of football in Guyana will be left by the wayside and the new executive committee will derived of exactly what is required to take football forward. Despite having worked under the current administration he has been clear that his administration will take a new path accompanied with fresh vibrant blood and operate with maximum efficiency in the best interest of the game.

Like Shanghai, Fraser has the respect of the players and technical staff and has demonstrated that he has the interest of Guyana’s football in his heart. He is a person viewed with immense integrity amongst the playing staff and has silently contributed a lot to the national team programme with no other motive than the best wishes for success and as a businessman his skills will be vital in progressing forward.

The new Executive will need youth, enthusiasm, experience, a history of achievement, willingness to learn, execute and carry out new modern business methods. But most importantly, they need to have the love of the game in their hearts and minds and a passion to see young Guyanese boys and girls rise up and achieve and have the same opportunities and facilities as those in our neighbouring countries within football. As a player who has been involved with numerous discrepancies with the current and past administration I put my trust and faith in Mr Aubrey Shanghai Major to bring this dream to a reality and changing the fortunes of Guyana’s football.

Shanghai has been key in installing the coaching staff throughout the most successful periods of 2005 to 2008 and again from 2011 to 2012 and on both occasions insisting that the technical team be led by coach Shabazz and Wayne Dover.

Myself and 2 other former national team captains Kayode McKinnon and Charles Pollard combined have accumulated over 500 professional games of football at various professional levels which span over 20 years of professional football involvement and we endorse Mr Major’s quest for the football presidency. Surely this kind of support must clarify a level of validity for the candidate.

I see the sky as the limit on what we can achieve with him at the helm.”

Christopher Nurse
Guyana National Football Team Captain

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