“Shanghai vs. Matthias” for GFF Elections

“Shanghai vs. Matthias” for GFF Elections

by Carwyn Holland

The Historical elections of the Guyana Football Federation is years overdue but just a day away, with “Political Potters” working hard to shape the elections their way.

After weeks of dribbling readers with fancy manifestos which mesmerized fans with plans that are easy to say than do, the contenders all basically scored ‘own goals’ but Aubrey “Shanghai” Major and Christopher Matthias seem set to squeeze through this round and reach the finals in the penalty shootout on Friday evening.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Sports Alfred King was first to commit the ultimate “own goal sin”. In fact, the Holy Bible says ‘we were all born sinners’ and the fact that King comes to the play field with a ‘holy mask‘designed with a few accolades, wearing a political cap but had his fingers on his lips during Guyana’s Football Turmoil while his boss slyly makes inferences to a Government takeover of Football, Cricket, Boxing etc, he scores more questions than answers.

Former National Ivan Persaud proves to be a wily playmaker on and off the field. However he committed the very sin as King and seems to be between a rock and a hard place. He will however muster a vote from the West Side and will really have to score a few unnoticed half side goals if he is to pull this one-off.

Matthias is so far playing his game with a flair that resembles the great Maradona on the ball just outside the box. His history in football shows that he played in the forward position early in his run for Football Offices, but after self-inflicted injuries he is now playing in the midfield. Indeed he has proven to be the playmaker in this lucrative election thus far, but received a yellow card for his sin of only including his friends in the Capital City on his slate and is still serving penalties for his tenure at the GFA and at his “Customary” Job. That sin may cost him dearly come Friday during the penalty shootout which I opined will come down to the wire. Trust will be his opposing defender and the Linesman whistle is expected to blow for his fraudulent plays on the sidelines.

Aubrey Major aka “Shanghai” seems to be the goalkeeper in this matchup. His aggressive and acrobatic play has so far stopped many creative Matthias shots from scoring. True to scripture, he is also not without sin and if one is to flip the pages in football book of sin, Shanghai can be found on several pages along with Matthias. His camouflage rebel suit however has failed to convince many in the voting bloc that he is the man to be trusted for the Job. He allowed a Matthias Goal to squeeze into his net when he absented himself from a meeting which irked the Net Rockers Club.

The deciding factor in this matchup between Matthias and Shanghai is however the early good deeds which has so far kept the latter in play. He seems to be getting the popular crowd support as most former players, current players and administrations would have benefitted from his goodwill, but Shanghai is forced to block Matthias shots from all angles as the game nears the end. The soggy outfield has left all players with equal chances of scoring, but Shanghai and Matthias seem to be headed to the final penalty shootout for the Presidency of the Guyana Football Federation.

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