One Dead in Matthews Ridge crash

One Dead in Matthews Ridge crash

A medical evacuation was activated late Tuesday night following an accident in the Big Creek area at Matthews Ridge in Region 1, Barima Waini.

Initial reports reaching News Source state that one person has been confirmed dead at the scene of the crash and at least two others were seriously injured and would be flown to the city for medical attention.

Roraima Airways is in charge of the medivac and left for the interior location just after 10:30pm.

Reports out of the area suggest that the heavy-duty truck toppled as it traversed the rugged terrain. The two persons listed as seriously injured are a 45-year-old man who has suffered severe trauma to his head and chest and a 15-year-old boy who was crying out for pains to his back.

The other persons involved in the accident have minor injuries according to reports out of the community. The Matthew’s Ridge community is known for its gold mining activities. Several mining camps are located in the area.

Just on Saturday a truck carrying miners in the Region two community of Buck Hall toppled while climbing a hill. Four persons died in that accident.

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