Trans Guyana plane hard lands at Matthews Ridge during bad weather

Trans Guyana plane hard lands at Matthews Ridge during bad weather

A Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft belonging to the Trans Guyana airline, “hard”  landed at Matthews Ridge  in Region One early on Friday morning causing damage to the plane but no injuries to passengers or crew.

The plane which carries registration number 8R-GAB, had been chartered by the Sky West Charter company to operate a passenger flight.

Public Relations Consultant for Trans Guyana, Kit Nascimento told News Source that the plane landed early on the airstrip in poor visibility as a result of the weather condition in the area. He said the incident occurred at 8:28 am.

Mr. Nascimento explained that there were twelve adults and two children on board the aircraft and everyone managed to walk away without any injuries. He said the poor visibility resulted in the pilot landing the aircraft “early on the airstrip”. As the plane landed, one of its wings connected to and dug into the side of the runway resulting in some damage to the wing and the carriage of the aircraft.

The damages have resulted in the aircraft being grounded at Matthews Ridge. Nascimento said all passengers were able to disembark the aircraft safely.

One of the passengers who was on board said the weather was extremely bad at the time of landing and the flight was a “very bumpy one as it came in to Matthew’s Ridge”.

The woman, Janice Moses, told News Source that just before landing, there was a sudden “bump” at the back of the plane as if it had hit something. She showered praised on the pilot for remaining calm and bringing the plane to a safe stop although she was very scared. The woman said she had her baby with her and both of them are doing well and were not injured.

Persons who were close to the airstrip when the plane landed said it appeared to have “clipped” the top of a tree as it was being flown unusually low due to the bad weather condition and cloud cover.

The Civil Aviation Authority is expected to dispatch a team to the area to conduct interviews as it launches an investigation into the incident.


Filed: 9th January, 2015



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