12 persons survive plane crash at Matthew’s Ridge

12 persons survive plane crash at Matthew’s Ridge

Twelve persons walked away with just injuries early on Monday morning when an Air Services Limited aircraft crashed at Matthew’s Ridge in Region One just as it was preparing to land.  The accident took place just around 8:10am.

The injured persons have been rushed to the Pakera District Hospital in the same area where they are being treated for their injuries. The 12 persons including the pilot Feriel Ally were later air dashed to the city. Eight of them remain hospitalised.

The accident is being blamed on bad weather in the area at the time of the accident. Residents said they heard the loud sound as the plane crashed into a bushy area just short of the airstrip.

The Ministry of Transport has announced that the Civil Aviation Authority will lead an investigation into the accident. Officials from the Aviation department were taken to the crash site on Monday.

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