Pilot in Guyana crash identified

Pilot in Guyana crash identified

Aviation officials in Guyana have identified the pilot of the twin-engine aircraft that crashed into a house at Sparendaam as 71-year-old American, Pierre Angiel.

The Pilot also served as the Director of his own company Angiel EnviroSafe Incorporated which is based in Miami, Florida. The company carries out aerial survey and mapping. It was hired to carry out surveys of the Amalia Falls road project in Guyana’s interior according to Minister of Transport Robeson Benn.

A full-scale investigation has been launched into the crash which claimed the lives of the Pilot and the Survey Technician. The name of the technician has not been released but officials have confirmed that he is a Canadian national. Aviation officials believe that engine failure may have been the cause of the crash.

Captain Gerry Gouveia of Roraima Airways in Guyana said his staff ┬ámembers based at the Ogle International Airport reported to him that they heard a change in the sound of the aircraft’s engine just after take off.

Moments after take off, the plane crashed into the small wooden house in the Sparendaam Housing Scheme. Residents said they heard a loud explosion as the plane and the house caught fire on impact.

The only occupant of the house at the time was 69-year-old Florence Dyer-Tyndall. She said three children who are in her care had just left the house and she was forced to run after she felt the house shaking just as the aircraft crashed into it. The entire house became engulfed in flames.

The bodies of the pilot and the technician were burnt beyond recognition.

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