Bus driver shot to head over $100 fare

Bus driver shot to head over $100 fare

A South Georgetown mini bus driver remains a patient of the Georgetown Hospital after he was shot to the head by a passenger who refused to pay the $100 fare.

49-year-old Desmond Marcus said two young men entered the mini bus on Friday night with one of them saying that he was going to pay for them both. He said when the men reached their destination and he enquired about the bus fare, one of them whipped out a gun and shot him straight to the head as an argument began over the money the man should have paid.

Marcus was rushed to the Georgetown hospital emergency unit where he was treated by doctors and discharged although the bullet was still lodged in his head. He was only admitted to the hospital on Saturday afternoon after returning on a number of occasions crying out for pain.

The Guyana Police Force has stated that investigations are continuing into the incident as they seek the help of the other passengers in identifying the assailant.

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