Man fights for life after being shot to head

Man fights for life after being shot to head

Doctors at the Georgetown Hospital were battling to save the life of 39-year-old Durban Street resident, Shawn Nelson after he was rushed to the emergency room with a single gunshot to his head.

The man was shot on Orange Walk in Georgetown just around 7 o’ clock on Sunday morning as he made his way to work. Relatives said he works at the Eagles Bar in Robb Street as part of the maintenance staff.

Eyewitnesses said the man had just bought something to drink from a bar along the Orange Walk strip when a white Toyota 212 motor car pulled up alongside him and an occupant believed to be the driver jumped out, shot him and sped away from the scene.

There were reports that the same car slammed into a traffic light on Vlissengen Road during the getaway but the driver was able to pull out from that scene and continue going.

At the Georgetown Hospital, the man’s family seemed in shock. His father Allan Nelson said he could not believe what took place. He rushed into the emergency room and collapsed just after coming out as he broke down in tears. The elderly man said his son was shot straight to the head and it appeared as though the bullet had entered and exited.

“Even if ┬áhe survive that, he is a vegetable, that is what is going to happen, I can’t understand what happened. That is my son”, the elder Nelson said before breaking down into tears.

A family friend who was also at the hospital said he was at the family’s ┬áhome when the man left for work. He said he even asked him whether he had eaten breakfast before heading out, and the responded that he was okay as he jumped into a mini bus. The family friend said moments later he was shocked when someone came to tell him that “Allan son just get shoot and he at the hospital”.

Back at the scene of the shooting, eyewitnesses who were at a nearby bar were upset with the response of the police. They said several calls to the emergency 911 line went unanswered as the man’s body laid on the roadway.

A hospital staff member who was heading to work around the same time, noticed the crowd and after realising that taxis and other cars were refusing to take the man to the hospital, she said she contacted an ambulance which rushed to the scene and took the man to the hospital.

The car was found but the driver remains missing. Information suggests that the shooter is well known to the victim and his family and may have been pulling a prank on the man when the gun went off. Police investigations are ongoing.

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